Mission Statement:  Tools for Schools Africa Foundation works to improve the quality of life in the
Northern Region of Ghana by enhancing educational opportunity and access to post primary education.

Scholarship Girls

We are pleased that more girls continue to get placements in post secondary institutions. Five have gotten post secondary placements in 2014-15: four in nursing, and the fifth is becoming a teacher. This brings the total to 18 post secondary girls with another having announced that she has placement in September 2015, bringing the total to 19.

TFS-Africa Fdn. post secondary scholarship girls, June, 2015

Secondary girls

Tools for Schools Africa Foundation pays for the tuition, books, uniforms and incidental expenses of the girls during junior and senior high. Once the girls have been accepted into a post secondary institution, we look for individuals or families willing to ‘adopt’ them during their post secondary years. The sponsors know the name of the girl, the institution she is attending and have the option of corresponding with her. The girl writes back to let the sponsor know of her accomplishments and her gratitude for assistance. A scholarship at the post secondary level averages between $US 1,000 and $US 1,600 a year, depending on the institution and the course of studies. In the past we have paid as much as $US 4,000, but the cedi is devaluing so rapidly that our money is worth more every year, so the cost of supporting a girl is actually decreasing. If you may be interested in supporting, or partially supporting the education of a girl, please contact us.

Our scholarship program began in 2009 with twelve girls at the high school level. In 2010 it expanded at the high school level and also included some junior high girls. Now over 70 girls are sponsored at five junior high and high schools in Damongo: Ndewura Jakpa Senior High/Technical School (NDESCO); St. Anne’s Girls Senior Secondary School (SAGISS); Damongo Senior Secondary (DASS); St. Anne’s Girls Boarding House (BH); and Presby Primary and Junior High (Presby). We have about fifteen girls who have graduated from high school and are waiting for placement in post secondary institutions. Two of those girls, Augustina and Anne, have been hired by us as part time librarians at the new facility we built this year. Paying these girls a small honorarium each week will allow students from other schools to visit and enjoy the library after regular school hours.

As well, we now support twelve girls in Post Secondary Education: Aloysita in fourth year medicine, Alfreda in fourth year electrical engineering (and top of her class of 128, the only female); Sophia in accounting and business management (and on the Dean’s list at the Catholic University of Sunyani); Lydia now practice teaching after finishing education; Janet in second year nursing; Shafawu in second year community health; Anita in first year landscape design; Rashida in first year accounting; Charity in first year general studies, Sahada in first year nursing; and Aliyatu in first year science heading toward a degree in pharmacy. Our newsest scholarship girl is Abigail, who has started first year nursing. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all these girls, and we hope many more will continue to follow their lead into post secondary education.



Throughout the year the girls forward exam results to us and to their sponsors. Here are marks recently received from Alfreda, in electrical engineering.

alfreda marks


Comments like the following are often received from the girls

February 11, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived brilliant but needy girls who had dreams of becoming prominent people in life. But due to financial constraints,their hopes of furthering their education came to a standstill. When all hopes were thought to have been lost, there comes TOOL FOR SCHOOLS AFRICA FOUNDATION beaming with hope to the hopeless. Smiles were on the faces of these hardworking girls of Ghana.

Words can,t express our joy and gratitude to TOOL FOR SCHOOLS AFRICA FOUNDATION for the help and support given to us. In fact, we had no hopes of furthering our education but by the grace of the almighty God, you lifted our hopes very high. May God continue to bless and promote TOOL FOR SCHOOLS AFRICA FOUNDATION so that all who deserve to enjoy the fruit of their labor shall gladly do.

I, Konodia Ayishetu, on behalf of the scholarship girls, give my most sincere gratitude to the creator and to the Board members. May God continue to bless and promote you all the days of your life for the love and care you have shown us. I would also like to say a very big thanks to all who have contributed to the success of this foundation both in Ghana and Canada. Thank you!!!!. We girls of TOOL FOR SCHOOLS AFRICA FOUNDATION promise to work hard to promote girl child education globally. Long live TOOL FOR SCHOOLS AFRICA FOUNDATION. GRACIAS (Thank you)!!!.